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Is a commercial alliance between BANSEFI and the regulated intermediaries of the Popular Savings and Credit Sector (credit unions and savings institution)The branches are located in rural and urban areas where commercial banks rarely have any presence.
At present, L@Red de la Gente comprises 267 members and more than 2,100 service points in 900 municipalities throughout the country.

L@Red de la Gente Caja Hipodromo

L@Red de la Gente Caja Popular Oblatos

L@Red de la Gente Caja Popular Maravatío

L@Red de la Gente Caja Solidaria Guachinango

L@Red de la Gente Caja Morelia Valladolid

L@Red de la Gente Caja Inmaculada

L@Red de la Gente Caja Popular Santiago de Tecomán

L@Red de la Gente Caja Solidaria Chiquiliztli

L@Red de la Gente Caja Popular Cerano

L@Red de la Gente Caja Popular Agustín de Iturbide

Beneficiary Account Registration Website

As of August 1, 2006 U.S. financial institutions enrolled in Directo a México can now use the Beneficiary Account Registration (BAR) Website offered by Bansefi, a development bank owned by the Mexican government. This innovative tool allows U.S. financial institutions to pre-open an account at any Bansefi or participating L@Red de la Gente credit union branch for a third-party beneficiary in Mexico, who then has 10 days to go to the selected branch, formalize the account and receive their money. By increasing financial access in Mexico and promoting bank usage, Bansefi has removed the obstacle in account-to-account remittances from the U.S. to Mexico.

Currently, there is no charge to the U.S. financial institutions to use this service.
Benefits of the BAR Website to U.S. financial institutions:

  • Access a secure website using an ID and password for each financial institution employee designated.
  • Ability to pre-open a bank account for a third-party beneficiary in Mexico.
  • Receive a CLABE account number for the pre-opened account.
  • Ability to send a remittance to the newly generated account using Directo a México.
  • Ability to check to see if the account has been formalized in Mexico.
  • If the beneficiary in Mexico does not formalize the account after 10 banking days, the funds will be automatically returned to the U.S. financial institution.
  • Ability to continue to use the generated CLABE for additional payments once the account is formalized in Mexico.
  • By having the funds available in the account, using Directo a México to send the payment after the account is pre-opened, the third-party beneficiary has an incentive to go to the branch and formalize the account.